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Hochrindl is one of the most beautiful places for cross-country skiing in Carinthia. Enjoy the amazing views while exploring more than 25 km of cross-country skiing tracks.

If you're interested in working on your technique, we also offer training lessons for beginners and advanced cross-country skiers.


  • For advanced cross-country skiers
  • 11 km long
Trail Profile


  • For intermediate cross-country skiers
  • 5 km long
Trail Profile


  • Perfect for beginners
  • 3,5 km long
Trail Profile


  • Perfect for beginners
  • 3km long
Trail Profile

Tickets & Prices

  • Daily Pass: 4 Euros (can be purchased at the ticket vending machine - coins only)
  • Weekly Pass: 20 Euros (can be purchased at the ticket vending machine - coins only)
  • Seasonal Pass: 40 Euros (can be purchased at the ticket counter)

Kids and teens up until 14 years use the tracks for free. We kindly ask hikers for a small donation either at the ticket vending machine or the ticket counter.

Group course Cross-Country Skiing

  • For adults, teens and kids - beginners or advanced
  • Course times - 2 hours as agreed upon
  • from safe, easy learning of basic techniques to gliding through the cross-country skiing trails.
  • Private lessons are available at any time.
  • 1 day: 58 €
  • 2 days: 110 €
  • 3 days: 135 €

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