Children Ski Course

for kids 4 years and older

Learn how to ski in Kangaroo-Land! Our ski instructors take good care of our future ski professionals. They teach you kids every aspect of safety, while they develop a love for the sport, confidence and skills.

On day one your kids make their first attempts on the so called ‘magic carpet’, a ski lift designed for young kids. Our ski instructors, many of them with designated credentials in teaching and education, guide your kids step by step. For us, it’s most important that your kids have fun, enjoy their new environment while seeing their own progress.

The highlight of the week is a kids ski ‘race’ on the last course day, where your kids can demonstrate what they have learned while experiencing a race-feeling in a fun and protected environment.

  • Kids 4 years and older 

  • The course can take up to three hours and is held daily from 9:45am to 12:45pm. (including a half hour break) 

  • Trial-days as well as extensions to regular bookings are possible 

  • Groups of various skill levels
  • ‘Kids Race’ to demonstrate skills

  • Certificate with medal for every child  

Meeting point for beginner courses is the Kinderland, located next to the ski school.

Meeting point for advanced courses is Zirbenlift base station (about 50 meters from ski school)

Every kids will be assigned to a group based on their skill level

We always want to make sure every kid gets the best learning environment possible, which is why we assign kids to groups based on their skills. If your kid needs to be transferred into a different group, we can always make the determination during the week.

We are more than happy to have a personal discussion on your kids’ skill level before they start.

If you have any additional questions or if you cannot book certain course, please contact us by phone or email. We look forward to having you!

Beginners (Green)

  • First time skiing
  • Adjusting to new environment
  • Speeing
  • Braking

Advanced (Blue)

  • Some experience on easy ski slopes
  • Using ski lift
  • Making turns
  • Carving attempts

Advanced II (Red)

  • Kids, who can make turns in both directions
  • Using ski lift independently
  • Parallel carving
  • Being able to handle steeper slopes and rougher terrain
  • Using ski poles